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Positive Feedback Safer Driving

SmartDrive helps to drive more safely while keeping an eye on your car's health.

Top (トップ)

The top screen displays points accumulated, recent distance, and any recently detected dangerous driving events.

Points (ポイント)

The app looks for rapid acceleration, sudden braking, and idling events, using data collected directly from the car's built-in computer and sensors on your smart phone. If there are no detected events within the 5km window, that segment is graded "perfect", earning you a point. Future plans include a system for redeeming DriveOn points for more tangible rewards. Segments with detected events do not subtract points from a driver's total.

History (履歴)

Drivers can easily review their automatically recorded drive history using the app. Detail screens show actual locations of detected events.


The DriveOn app encourages safer and more fuel efficient driving by allowing users to quickly and easily review their driving behavior. Drivers can find and correct any dangerous or inefficient driving, or simply earn points for their excellent driving.

Engine (エンジン)

If engine alerts are detected, DriveOn saves that information into a reviewable history, adding explanations that make sense to the layperson.

Inspired to Drive

DriveOn is an iPhone app (Android app currently in development) and hardware that promotes safer and more efficient driving.

The analysis algorithms are applied to drive data, revealing actual behaviors that drivers might otherwise miss. Drivers are then able to adjust their driving so that more and more of their drives are judged to be"perfect", yielding points and improving safety and efficiency.

DriveOn aims to make improving drive behavior actually enjoyable while offering services and rewards that encourage safer driving.



SmartDrive believes that the secret to encouraging good driving is in encouragement itself.

SmartDrive Base Bluetooth BLE


The Smartdrive Base is a small, clever peice of hardware that connects your car’s built-in computer to your smartphone, giving you access to hidden data that’s usually only accessible to professionals.


DriveOn in Detail

Device compatibility:iOS 8 or later
iPhone 5 or later, iPad (3G/LTE only)
Size:35.3 MB
Active in background:Yes
Connection:Bluetooth Low Energy
Requirements:Connection to a SmartDrive BASE device and compatible car